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Make ahead high protein egg cups recipe

High protein egg cup recipe

This recipe which is high-protein, can be made ahead and then pulled out for breakfast later in the week. By combining eggs with egg whites you get the high protein hit, but lower the fat. Using chicken sausage (my favorite is Blinski breakfast chicken, apple sausage, also adds protein with less fat than pork sausage. I added in spinach, red bell pepper, and goat cheese, but you could add in whatever you would like. The spinach adds iron, the red bell pepper is a great source of Vitamin C, and both add fiber.

High protein egg cup recipe
High protein egg cup recipe card


Egg Cups
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Make-ahead breakfast

Eggs and egg whites

Chicken sausage

Blinski breakfast chicken sausage

Low-fat protein

Spinach and red bell pepper

Goat cheese

Nutrient-rich breakfast

Iron-rich spinach

Vitamin C from red bell pepper

Fiber-packed meal

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