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What is an OOV?

I know it looks a little funky, but it is the “go to” in my arsenal for correcting movement imbalances.  The OOV was created by an Australian osteopath by the name of Daniel Vladeta.  The OOV is a dynamic tool that challenges your stability, aids with identifying movement imbalances, and simply challenges not only your body but also your mind.  

Read more below to understand how it works and how it can help you!

How does it work?

The OOV creates a 3D environment, meaning your body can move in all directions.  This allows for the body to have to adapt to it’s surroundings allow new movement patterns to develop, or with the aid of a trained instructor (I am one of 2 Level 2/3 trained instructors in the state of Georgia) help correct imbalances within the body.

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How can it help you?

I leverage the OOV as a tool to optimize my clients' movement quality and help them achieve their fitness objectives. Employing diverse positions, I activate various muscle systems and address any detected imbalances. Correcting these imbalances is crucial as they may otherwise result in compensatory patterns, potentially leading to injuries. The OOV proves instrumental in improving strength, balance, and posture for my clients.


Don’t take my word for it - scroll through the videos to see how improvements can be made within a single session!

Client's voice

Sara is a client, as well as a Pilates instructor, who has a cochlear implant that affects the portion of her inner ear mechanism that is partly responsible for balance.  We use the OOV to challenge her balance system as well as any imbalances within her body/neurological system.

"I really enjoy my sessions on the OOV with Amanda Curd at Anchor to Life.  The OOV really helps me focus in and correct imbalances in my body and I always leave feeling more connected and centered.  It is also very effective at helping me stretch out tight areas"

Sara S, Client & Pilates Instructor

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