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Inaugural Blog Post

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

  1. About me - Introductions!

  2. What exactly does "Anchor to Life" mean?

  3. What's the link between "Anchor to Life" & Pilates

About me - Introductions!

Let's back up first so you know a bit about me, which will lead into the whole "anchor to life" theme. My name is Amanda Curd, and I live in Alpharetta, GA which for the bigger purpose means Atlanta. My roots weren't always based in the South, however, and I was actually raised in the Midwest as an only child(yes that's me on picture on the left!) Fast forward to college, I attended Florida State University and graduated with a degree in Food and Nutrition as a stepping stone to get my master's of physical therapy. Fast forward again, I have been working in the pediatric realm for 20+ years, have a 20-year old son who is away at Georgia Southern, and I've been married to my very wonderful, supportive, tolerant husband of 23 years(and we like to have some fun!) I discovered Pilates as a fluke taking continuing education for my physical therapy licensure, but was very intrigued. I took a class and I was hooked! So much so, that I decided to become an instructor and start my own home studio in addition to my school based physical therapy job.

Ok, ok, so why "anchor to life"? To me, it goes beyond the Pilates, looking at the bigger picture. How do you want to live your life in your so-called "golden years"?

I don't know about you, but for me, I want to stand tall and proud, travel the world (which includes cobblestones, steep stairs, bending to get into small places, etc, etc), and not depend on a device (walker, those little carts at the grocery stores, or a wheelchair) to get around.

So how does Pilates fit in to "anchor to life"? So glad you asked! I think the pictures below say it all. In the bottom, middle are my parents who are both in their mid 70's still exploring and traveling. My husband and I love to travel and we are active when we travel. I want to be the picture that my parents are in when I'm in my mid 70's, heck into my 80's and 90's! I use Pilates as well as my background with extensive movement analysis to challenge your systems of strength, posture, and balance to help you maintain your life functions. Through this blog, I want to expand your knowledge on these 3 anchoring points to make you more informed to take the necessary steps to maintain or even better yet, improve your functioning. In addition, coming full circle to my undergraduate degree bring you information on nutrition and how that also impacts strength, posture, and balance. I hope to inspire you to stay active, take care of your body, and above all anchor to life!

What next?

Want to find out how your body is functioning and prevent injury? Then the Functional Movement Screen is for you! The screening takes about 30 minutes and it looks at mobility and strength through 7 functional movements. By analyzing these movements, any imbalances, weaknesses, or decreased mobility are revealed and you receive a detailed report! You can then choose to follow through on your own or better yet purchase a new client package! I use this screening with my new Pilates clients at no additional cost and use this as a baseline to guide future Pilates sessions to address any concerns revealed from this screening.

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